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Our Mission

In handasaa, we aim always to add noticeable and beautiful touch-ups to the urban scene. Although the urban context is a cultural and civil accumulation, it is reflected mainly in architecture. Thus, the same architecture styles are not always suitable for different places, different contexts, or different criteria. Based on that, our team in handasaa works progressively to advise, guide, and convince clients by the most appropriate style according to the location, climate, and context.
We realize that our mission is not limited to direct clients only; the society is our indirect client for whom we bear the responsibility of adding peaceful, charming, and attractive buildings/monuments; These monuments are in a way or another, designing the social interactions with the buildings and with each other.
From Concept design, going further in deep and specific details, designing is our passion and interest because we surely believe that our life in the future is drawn on architect’s sketch pads and modeled in their innovative designs.
In a word, our team aims to contribute to our society a remarkable future that can be experienced now and after, we are TRANSFORMING YOUR SURROUNDINGS to make you happier!!!

Our Mission: About
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